Working Paper Series of the Department of English

The Working Paper Series (WPS) is a creative web-based publication that supports the sharing of interdisciplinary research stories, as well as individual/collective publishing journeys.

  • A platform for individuals to produce/present ongoing research to explore the possibilities that the digital offers the Social Sciences and Humanities, and to experiment with design and delivery of their research.
  • Could be approached through a disciplinary focus as well as through the lens of the stages of research and its unfinished nature. An archive of the process for each individual paper could also then exist.
  • Gives visibility to  research journeys of those who engage in research and encourage research projects that are driven by a real want. This is envisaged as a ‘storytelling’ or a telling of your research journey- looking back reflectively and critically about your research and editorial choices, for instance.
  •  The uniqueness of the DoE research forum and a strong research consciousness (helping our researchers and others); will provide visibility and editorial support for innovative and path-breaking research by BA and MA students. 
  • The interdisciplinarity in research work that DoE does, to now consider publishing and engaging with the digital which will widen research horizons in English Studies.
  • A platform that is scalable, sustainable and reflects the on-going nature of research and the idea of a collective process.

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