Welcome to the SLENC Concordance Tool!

The SLENC Concordance Tool is designed to help you generate keywords-in-context (KWIC) related to a word of your choice in the Sri Lanka English Newspaper Corpus (SLENC). The corpus data you can access here on the Concordance Tool approximates 10-million words from both the Daily Mirror sub-corpus (DM) and the Daily News sub-corpus (DN).

Please enter a word in the search bar and the tool will generate results from the 10-million word corpus. You will see the result count on the top-left corner below the search bar.

The results generated via the tool can be downloaded as an excel file.

We strongly recommend the use of the full Sri Lanka English Newspaper Corpus data (approximately 32 million words) for research purposes.

If you’re a researcher interested in using the full Sri Lanka English Newspaper Corpus data in your work, please download the Corpus from here.

If you’d like to read more about SLENC, please download the manual from here.

The Concordance Tool is case sensitive